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Brief description of Herbarium Frisicum

In 1979 Karst Meijer started the herbariumcollection. Now it is one of the greatest private herbarium collections of Europe. The total collection contains over 100.000 herbarium sheets.


Our worldwide famous collections

Herbarium Frisicum is famous for the Seaherbarium of David Landsborough from Schotland. And for the herbarium made by a Jewish family who were underground during the war in 1940-1943.


Further more the collection contains a lot of holotypes from Rubus species. There are many herbariumsheets of Taraxacum, Salix and Rosa species. 


A part of the herbarium contains collections collected in old gardens and throughout Europe, North America, China, Thailand and Australia.


It is open for you

Herbarium Frisicum is open for scientific investigations and for new and old herbaria. With us you can give the past a good future.



This website is in Dutch but of course you can go through several pages and watch all the pictures. For instance of the Seaherbarium and Jewish Herbarium.


Contact us

Do you want to know more? Please contact us by e-mail: herbariumfrisicum @gmail.com



We appreciate your visit and interest very much. It is a contribution to Herbarium Frisicum and the lives of the people involved.

Thank you very much!

A part of the Herbarium Frisicum
A part of the Herbarium Frisicum
Herbarium Oliver Best   collectie herbarium frisicum
Herbarium Oliver Best collectie herbarium frisicum
Herbarium pagina  uit herbarium Oliver Best  collectie herbarium frisicum
Herbariumpagina uit herbarium Oliver Best collectie herbarium frisicum


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Herbarium Östen Wallin

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Deel joods herbarium

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Keurmerk Stellingwerf

Herbarium Frisicum heeft het streekkeurmerk Stellingwarf gekregen

Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778 botanicus grondlegger binominale nomenclatuur
Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778 beroemd botanicus en grondlegger binominale nomenclatuur
Linnaea borealis L. in Drenthe
Linnaea borealis L. Drenthe